Healthcare – Tough-PAC® has been specifically designed for use in healthcare. Taking into account the busy work needs of staff Tough-PAC not only protects iPad from work associated damage and accidents, it also allows rapid use, charging and synchronisation without the need for plugging in awkward and easily damaged connectors. In healthcare cross infection control is important so Tough-PAC® is made from materials that incorporate antimicrobial biocide against many common hazards such as MRSA and EColi. The casing may be cleaned with routinely used antiseptic and detergent wipes. All open ports have been eliminated from the Tough-PAC® case, seals are used on all case closures so iPad is protected against fluid and dust exposure. The combination of iPad and Tough-PAC® can provide you with a useful mobile clinical tablet at the bedside and workstation at the desk for a fraction of the cost of similar ruggedised tablet PCs? Case Study

Children & Education - The iPad is a wonderful tool for education and learning, with innumerable apps available from pre-school to university. Schools are tough places, children are active inquisitive. Tough-PAC® not only provides a strong layer of protection around iPad against everyday knocks, it also makes it easy to handle, carry and clean. Afraid the kids will easily damage iPad? – not any more, Tough-PAC® provides that peace of mind knowing that your children, large or small can take advantage of this fantastic tool and keep your investment safe. Case Study

Accessibility – One thing we’ve thought about with Tough-PAC® is being able to easily hold new sleek technology like iPad This can be a barrier for some so incorporating ergonomic holds in the case and carry handle makes iPad more accessible. Tough-PAC® could help open up new opportunities for communication or just fun in these circumstances.

Business – Many organisations are taking advantage of mobile technology for their workforce, of course computers designed for the office or executive pocket may not be ideal for use when out and about and ruggedised equipments are often expensive. Tough-PAC® helps protect iPad in these uses and may be optionally labelled or branded with corporate identity. The layered protection Tough-PAC® incorporates helps to protect your company’s investment in technology and total cost of ownership.

Emergency Services – rapidly responding teams need robust rich communications in all settings. Mobile technologies can help with this issue but they need to be available. Tough-PAC® helps in this situation by protecting iPad in a field arena so making it a more reliable and cost effective piece of emergency equipment for essential services.

Sports & Leisure - Increasingly iPad is being used when out and about for mapping, navigation, imagery sports analysis and field-work. A muddy field is not a great place for a tablet computer! Tough-PAC® will remove this sort of worry. Get it dirty so what? wipe it down, clean it and carry on using it.

At Home – Taking into account all of the above benefits, Tough-PAC® at home is a straightforward choice. No worries if the kids are playing games on iPad or if you want to use some of the wonderful educational apps available, while eating jelly and cream. Taking iPad into the kitchen whilst looking up your favourite recipe - where do you put it? The Tough-PAC® cradle is the answer. And you can simply wipe it all clean with a moist cleaning cloth afterwards.

Limitations - In normal everyday activities Tough-PAC® will protect your iPad well. Of course there are limitations. We don’t recommend driving a vehicle over it, taking it diving, dropping it from excessive heights (>1.2m) hitting it with heavy or sharp objects or using solvent based or non-approved chemicals or abrasives agents for cleaning the unit. No usable case can totally protect iPad against abuse, misuse or deliberate damage. The limited warranty for Tough-PAC only applies to Tough-PAC itself. Proper handling and protection of iPad from damage within or without the Tough-PAC case is entirely the users responsibility. Tough-PAC has an IP53 rating - protected against ingress of dust, light sprays and splashes. It is not fully waterproof; do not fully immerse in fluid.

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