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What is Tough-PAC®?
Tough-PAC is an enclosure for iPad designed to provide protection and peace of mind when it is used in work environments, particularly medical wards and clinics. Tough-PAC also provides the convenience of Simply-dock charge & sync functions without the need for plugging in cables.

How do I assemble Tough-PAC?

Can I clean Tough-PAC?
Yes indeed, although Tough-PAC® is made from plastics that incorporate an anti-microbial agent (E.g. active against MRSA, E coli and others) it may be cleaned with moist anti-bacterial or mild detergent wipes. Do not fully immerse Tough-PAC in fluid. Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents such as Acetone - these will damage the casing. Cleaning Instructions PDF

Can I use an alternative power supply with the Tough-PAC® Cradle?
We do not recommend third party power supplies as they can give unexpected results when charging iPad. It’s best to use the original Apple 10w or 12w power supply plug.

Can I use iPad 4 or iPad Air with the new Lightning connector?
Yes, Tough-PAC's design means that it can incorporate any iPad 2,3,4 or iPad Air.

I see a 'Not Charging' message when plugged into my PC USB port?
Some PCs do not provide adequate power from their USB ports to charge iPad but will sync. In this case you should charge using the Apple 10w or 12w power supply that is provided with iPad.

I dock Tough-PAC but it is not charging?
Please check that the case screws are properly tightened and that the case seats easily and fully into the cradle cup. This ensures the contacts are engaged between the case and cradle. Secondly please confirm that all cables and connections are correctly installed with no obstructions.

The charging rate is slower than expected?
Charge rates are affected greatly by the setup of of iPad. use of WiFI, bluetooth3G/4G services and screen brightness will increase battery usage and may reduce charging rates significantly. We recommend iPad is allowed to enter sleep mode during charging. Also see

Can we have a longer USB cable from the desktop cradle to reach to a power supply?
Yes it is possible but we recommend keeping the power supply route as short as possible and as to the iPad as practicable. We have an alternative cradle - the CS-1 that allows instalation of the power brick inside the cradle with a 1.8m mains cord to provide optimal charge rates.

Can I replace the screen cover?
Yes, replacements that include a fresh screen seal are available from Innervision Technology or your local reseller.

Can I use the microphone to record memos?
The iPad microphone does work when inside Tough-PAC but recording quality may be reduced by the casing. You can however, use a Bluetooth headset to record memos normally. Where preferred an audio port that allows use of external headphones/microphone devices may be ordered as an optional extra.

Can I use a keyboard with Tough-PAC®?
Yes you can, you will need a Bluetooth enabled keyboard and link this to your iPad via settings. The desktop USB cradle also allows you to position iPad in either landscape or portrait positions to facilitate your chosen view (Charge + Sync is in portrait only). The new FRT cradle allows viewing, charging and sync in many orientations.

Can I change the colour of the case?
Tough-PAC will be available in a range of colours, you may purchase either a whole, front or rear replacement case part. Right now though we have options for coloured buttons and local branding labels using your logo by special request.

Why is there no headphone port?
Tough-PAC has been primarily designed for use in clinical work places; the objective was to remove all open ports to prevent ingress and damage; you may use Bluetooth headphones however, linked to your iPad. Where applicable e.g. for educational use an audio port that allows use of external headphones/microphone devices may be ordered as an optional extra.

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