Protective medical iPad case & desktop sync charging cradle

Tough-PAC® designed, developed and manufactured by Innervision Technology Ltd in the UK, provides comprehensive protection and peace of mind for using iPad at work or in the home.

The combination of a sealed hard outer shell with internal shock protection and choice of robust materials has created a case for iPad that is suitable for use in many harsh work place environments, particularly healthcare and schools. The only case for iPad specifically designed for medical use with inherent proven anti-microbial technology to help with infection control, a range of unique simply-dock charge and sync cradles, novel carry handle and local branding options. If you are looking for the ultimate case for iPad2, 3rd or 4th generation and now iPad Air, Tough-PAC® should be your choice - available today.

What others are saying about Tough-PAC®

"It provides excellent protection from drops and splashes and is easier to disinfect than the other cases"
-- Emergency Physician, USA

"Could not tell what it was when you first saw it", "it's able to be wiped with 'sani-cloths' and taken into patients with infections"
-- Head of IT, NHS Trust

"Some of our staff think we've replaced their iPads with a new product" 
-- ICT Service manager, NHS Trust - Case Study

"The robustness of the case means that I have no hesitation in the children using the iPads both in and out of the classroom"
-- Year 2 teacher - Case Study

Tough-PAC®: Protection & Peace of Mind, for healthcare & infection control


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